These are just some various javascript tools / toys I've made. None of them do things that haven't been done by others plenty of times before, but I tend to dislike the way javascript tools work. For one thing I like them to just calculate as you enter the date rather than have to hit a calculate button. I haven't spent any time on style other than making them usable.

Random Wikipedia Articles - An unlimited page of random Wikipedia articles.

zxcvbn Demo - Demo of Dropbox's password strength estimator.

Blockchain - Demo of how a blockchain works.

Youtube Fade In Alarm - Wake up to a song which is gradually faded up in volume over several minutes.

XML and JSON Converter and Comparer - Format, convert, and compare XML and JSON.

Pizza Calculator - Compare the price and total size of pizzas at various sizes.

Truth Table - Enter functions and see the truth tables they represent.

Relativistic Speed Calculator - Find the travel time with constant acceleration, taking into account special relativity.

Screen Size Calculator - Calculate the size of screen from the diagonal and aspect ratio.

Reddit Search - Allows you to do advanced searches on reddit using the built in search options.

Mailinator Generator - Creates logins for sites that you want to quickly register for but don't want to give your real email.

Hash Generator - Generates MD5, and SHA hashes from your input. Allows you to represent to output using whatever set of characters you want.

Color Picker - Lets you enter RGB color for foreground and background and displays it on text. Allows you to use hex, decimal, or percentage.

Color of Time - Converts hours, minutes, seconds in to a RGB color code, and displays it.